Click on any of the photos below to view an informational video on the topic described. We currently have videos on medical emergencies, fall prevention, navigating stairs, mobility, and more. 

Medical Videos

Click on these videos to learn about potential medical emergencies among older adults. 

Hands-Only CPR 

Instructions on the two steps required for Hands-Only CPR in case of cardiac arrest. 

Stroke Symptoms

Symptoms to watch out for that may be signs of a stroke. Call 911 if you think you or someone else is having a stroke. 

Fall Prevention 

Falling is not a normal part of aging. Click through these videos to learn about ways to prevent falls and reduce your risk. 

6 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Falling

Watch a quick review from the National Council on Aging of the steps we have covered on this page to reduce your risk of falling. 

Getting In and Out of a Chair

Watch how to Get in and out of a chair safely using "Nose over Toes".

Getting Out of Bed

Watch how to increase stability when getting out of bed using a Log Roll Technique. 

Workout for Older Adults

Watch a short, 10-minute workout from the National Institute on Aging. 

Getting Up After a Fall

Watch how to safely get up after a fall and how to assist someone who has fallen. 

Navigating Stairs

Watch these videos if you have been having difficulty walking up or down stairs and would like some tips to accomplish this safely. 

Alissa Ray, PT, DPT, demonstrates how to safely navigate stairs despite potential difficulties you may be facing. 

Decreased Mobility on Stairs

Watch how to navigate stairs with sore muscles or joints. 

Decreased Vision on Stairs

Watch how to navigate stairs with vision impairments. 

Cane or Walker on Stairs

Watch how to safely use a cane or walker on stairs. 

Decreased Sensation in Feet on Stairs

Watch how to navigate stairs with decreased sensation in feet.

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