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For everyone at SOUTH METRO FIRE RESCUE, our calling is taking care of our citizens like they were members of our own family. South Metro has continued to see a significant number of calls for service for older adults. In addition to providing emergency services, we know the importance of investing in prevention, and we are committed to ensuring all of our older adult citizens extend the healthy, active years of their life. Part of this includes staying educated on the factors that put you at higher risk of illness or injury. While we offer a wide range of classes and events for all ages, our district goal is to help our older adults remain safe, active, and independent by providing free community education on top risks. We hope this information will be helpful.

UPCOMING CLASS: January 28, 2024
Senior Safety Seminar
@ Highlands Ranch Sheriff's Substation

This FREE CLASS will allow you to hear from first responders and community advocates about how to avoid being scammed and becomming a victim of fraud. You will get tips for staying safe online, at home, and in our community. 

Class Time: 1:00PM - 5:00PM

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Meet your Community Risk Reduction Team

We are committed to reducing risk within our district through strategic education and community outreach. Please contact us to request classes on Older Adult Safety, Motor Vehicle Safety, Cooking Safety, Wildfire Safety and Home Assessment, Home Fire Safety/Evacuations, or Youth Firesetting. We also can provide "File of Life" magnets and free smoke alarms.

Our Educators work within the South Metro community to ensure that residents learn how to become safer at home, work, and at play. To request an educator for an upcoming event, please submit the form on the "contact us" page.

We hope to see you at an upcoming class or event!
Reach out with any questions. 

Chelsea Tegtmeier

Community Risk Reduction
Team Manager

Selena Silva

Community Risk Reduction Specialist

Brandi Miller

Community Risk Reduction Specialist

Katie Becker

Community Risk Reduction Specialist

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